For more than 35 years of fighting, at last we agreed to resolve disputes under peaceful means. On the 8th day of April 1995, at last we signed a PEACE NEGOTIATION SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT with Thai authorities.

We submitted our PEACE PLAN as proceeds to good deed and intention to be honoured by the Thai government. Thaia government had violated the peace agreement. It is against the UN Charter 99/69 protecting our rights.

This was a result of preliminary efforts and initiatives led by FLN since 1976 - 1982. We thanked our brothers in the FLN for their cooperations and supports. If none of their sacrifices being appreciated we could never be respected by the enemies (Thai Buddhists) until we finally signed a peace agreement.

What we wish is continuous support from FLN until this southern part of Thailand is carved as an autonomous region from Thailand.

Lukman Iskandar,

Secretary General,
Patani Malay National Revolutionary Front (BRN)