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Patani Special

Patani Special

Lukman Iskandar, Ahmad Matnor & Khamnan Donli

This photo was taken at Khohong Camp, Hatyai, a few days before the signing of Peace Negotiation Settlement Agreement at Kota Bharu Hotel Perdana, Kelantan, Malaysia dated 8th day of April 1995

Peace Negotiation Settlement Agreement

dated 28th day of April 1992, PKRRP (BRN military wing) represented by Cikgu Bakar, its commander signed preliminary peace agreement with Region Four Army represented by Brigadier Arkhanit Mensawat.

3 years later, Lukman Iskandar and Ahmad Matnor signed final Peace Negotiation Settlement Agreement with Thai authorities represented by Region Four Army's Deputy Commander, Maajor General Chalermphol Charoenying and region 9 Police's deputy commander, Colonel Paichit Sisongkla.

BRN Peace Plan

After the final signing, BRN had submitted its peace plan known as BRN Peace Plan. This peace plan was debated with members of Privy Council of Thailand, and approved on 21st April 1995 with minor amendment.

New Policy for 5 Provinces

This repealed policy, derived from Royal Decree 66/23, is known as Constitution of Patani State.Governor General of 5 Provinces

More about Patani

You can discover thousand sites on Patani and BRN by visiting this site. Republic of Pattani

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